First day for a new blog…

This is our new blog. We hope you enjoy it. We’re just two guys that want to see JSU athletics experience sustained excellence. We’re not employed by the University. We don’t get paid by anyone for this. We’re certainly not “professional bloggers”. We did attend JSU back in the 80’s, and we have different levels of involvement since graduating. We were there when JSU basketball won the Division II National Championship. We had the longest winning streak in the nation that year. We had graduated, but did see the team play in a few games the year of the Division II Football National Championship. This blog is just a hobby for us…not affiliated with the University. We do this because we want to see more coverage, more discussion, and more interest in JSU athletics. We hope to bring more depth and more thought to JSU’s athletic teams, and ultimately, more support. How can JSU get more support from students, alumni, and the community? We hope we can do our part. We love JSU.

High interest in football is not unique to JSU, but to universities all across the south. We’ll write about other sports, but this blog will probably have a bend toward football. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming football season. We’ll begin with a preview by position. First up…running backs. Enjoy.

Go Cocks!


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