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    Awards: Gamecock of the Year

    The Gamecocks of the Year meant more to their team’s success than anyone. Not only did their dominance play a vital role in their team’s success, it virtually guaranteed it. They

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    Awards: Comeback Player of the Year

    Winning is what every athlete trains for. But sometimes just finishing what they’ve started is more important, especially when they’ve had every reason to walk away. Gamecock Illustrated is proud

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    Awards: Best Team

    Five teams claimed Ohio Valley Conference championships for Jacksonville State this year. There is no doubt which OVC school reigns supreme. But, which team at JSU is the best? Gamecock

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    Awards: Coach of the Year

    First year head coach Rick Pietri knew he had a lot to overcome when he took Jacksonville State’s women’s basketball job last June. He also knew he was the right man

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    Awards: Quote of the Year

    A quote defining a game is nothing out of the ordinary. But when it defines an entire season, it deserves an echo. Destany McLin and Eli Jenkins already took claim Gamecock

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    Awards: Best Moment

    The best moments sometimes happen in seconds, days or even weeks. For Gamecock Illustrated, it was all three.This year’s Best Moment Award goes to Women’s Basketball for making Sportscenter’s Top

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    Awards: Most Dominant Performance

    There’s the sweet taste of victory and then there’s domination. Jacksonville State won plenty of games this year, but three players gave Gamecock Illustrated its Most Dominant Performance: Tiffany Harbin’s

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    Awards: Game of the Year

    Jacksonville State did not make choosing this year’s Game of the Year easy. But in the end, two games stood out above all others, and they happened in the same

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    Awards: Breakout Player of the Year

    The Breakout Player of the Year is meant to honor the player who rose from obscurity to become a force to be reckoned with. This year, two people embodied that vision:

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    Awards: Most Improved Team

    Women’s basketball ran away with Gamecock Illustrated’s Most Improved Team Award this year. One year after going 1-27, 1-15 in the Ohio Valley Conference, the Gamecocks finished this season 14-18

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